In Practice & Principle

We Strive to Serve

The Stone Register was founded and based on the premise that a company or individual should never be relegated to fifth-rate service simply because of budgetary restrictions. Growing your brand and/or celebrating your legacy is serious business, and should be treated as such. 

TSR takes on clients who meet our stringent membership standards - no exceptions. By doing so, we create a superior, “no-filler” client database. This means your networking contacts, business endorsements and marketing opportunities will be second to none. Moreover, it also encourages strong competition amongst members....

Why Does This Matter?

Here’s why: We group members together by industry, product, target audience and more. This means that when we engage advertising campaigns on behalf of our clients, we can do so in a much more budget conscious way using TSR’s proprietary batch system. It’s kind of like buying a pizza pie for eight people instead of just one. Suddenly, something like having your ad run in the heart of Times Square becomes a reality.

We believe that one of the best ways to get ahead independently in business is to band together with other like minded individuals. The basic principle behind networking can also be applied to marketing. In other words: It's good to know people... and, boy, do we know people!

Leave No Stone Unturned.