The Stone Register provides billboard advertising on the NASDAQ and Thomson Reuters billboards.

Beautiful billboard advertising

How Many People Do You Know...

...who’ve been on the most iconic digital billboard displays in the world?  Unless you’re good friends with a bunch of Fortune 500 CEOs, probably not many.  Previously this level of exposure has been sort of a pipe dream for all but the world’s wealthiest individuals and companies. 

Well, The Stone Register has changed all of this with its unique style of advertising. 

Our company takes advantage of premium signage and promotion in some of the most bustling, iconic venues in the world; namely, Times Square, New York City.  A carefully selected, small handful of our most prestigious members will be granted this brilliant advertising opportunity as part of The Stone Register's ad campaigns advertising our branding, PR, promotion and business solutions.  Serving as a prime example of the type of work we do, your brand will be displayed, larger than life, at some of Manhattan's most instantly recognizable Times Square locations: The Nasdaq MarketSite tower and the Thomson Reuters Building.

Approximately 400,000 people pass through Times Square on a regular basis. Many of our clients even decide to take the trip to New York City themselves to see these special advertisements in person. However, that's not always feasible, so a professional photography unit captures the exact moment each ad campaign appears, in vibrant video with high resolution photos alike.

This is where the magic really happens. Whether you're located in New York, California, London, or anywhere else in the world, you will be able to use these iconic images to promote yourself and your business on a higher level than ever before -- just like we're promoting our business!  See how it works?  Not many companies achieve this level of visibility.  But we do, and now so do you.

As with all of our services, we make the process as easy as possible for you.  As part of an official Stone Register advertisement, naturally we do all the heavy lifting.  We will create a display that fits neatly into one of our larger campaigns touting TSR's many offerings and specialties.  This is the benefit of "one-stop-shop marketing" as defined by The Stone Register.   We'll take the reins entirely... and we love the creative freedom.  

Serving as an example of our work will enable you and your brand to be seen 10-20 meters in the air at the world’s most desirable outdoor advertising spots.  We guarantee you'll be 100% satisfied with our work. (More than likely, a little speechless, too!). As a client of The Stone Register you will finally have high visibility... quite literally!


The Stone Register is proud to announce that our advertisements routinely run on 12 separate billboards in Times Square alone.  We are regularly adding new and exciting locations to our portfolio in order to better serve our clients and their unique advertising needs. 

Press Release authoring & distribution


Extensive Media Coverage

Our most popular service is our integrated Press Release Campaign.  We will write, edit, dispatch, and track a global PR effort endorsed and promoted by The Stone Register's dedicated news media arm.  Through our industry contacts and partnerships your story will be picked up by virtually every major news network and their regional affiliates:  ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, and many more.  This distribution path can include online and print media, radio and television, or any combination thereof.  Following each news event, TSR compiles performance statistics and other materials into a comprehensive report tracking your progress.  The valuable info culled from these reports is not only fascinating at face value, it is also instrumental in paving the way forward; in allowing The Stone Register and its clients to keep forging ahead with thoughtful, informed marketing strategies. 

Think about how amazing it will be for your brand when you can legitimately post the "As Seen On" graphic on your website, replete with all major network logos.  Imagine your news story being featured on Yahoo! Finance, Business Insider, or any of the hundreds of other recognizable news organizations who pick up our news stories and industry announcements. 

Remember: Not only do our clients receive thorough, widespread, top tier news coverage; they also benefit from a complete writing and editorial service.  Sure, you can come to us with all of your own materials, specific instructions and deadlines, and we'll follow your lead.  However, if you have nothing but the basics, that's perfectly fine as well.  We will fill in whatever blanks you need filled.  Each & every level of our renowned PR service includes full content authoring, editing, and unlimited copy revisions prior to submission deadline.

Website construction & development


Give Your Brand a Good Home

Contrary to popular belief, not every company or individual worth knowing already has an established website.  In fact, quite often we find that many are "in between" sites, or they've never had one at all.  Social media has made many people complacent, but it's really not enough.  In 2019, a website is the face and soul of a company, whether we like it or not.  Some people are just stuck in their ways, and don't recognize the importance of a professional website.  Others know how important it is, but simply don't know where to begin!  Who do you trust?  Where do you turn?

Enter The Stone Register. Our firm solves this problem by creating direct, easy-to-navigate branding pages for our clients. Depending on your requirements, we customize the content, functionality, and every last detail to your exact specifications.  We can fashion your new site with an online store, donation portal, event calendar, image & video gallery, and many other special features.

A lot of people think their website is "just fine," but in reality it's not.  Worse still, if you think you're fooling your target audience with pixellated images and typos, you're only fooling yourself.  The Stone Register uses only images of the absolute highest resolution.  These are generally purchased, more exclusive graphics, so your site will not bear the same standard imagery seen all over the web.  Another red flag on a website is typographical errors (aka- typos), which we absolutely do not allow.  Our website projects are as stringently reviewed as our PR and Times Square promotions. 

Unlike most web designers, TSR does not charge its clients a single for content updates, troubleshooting, repair, or consultation.  Our philosophy is that nobody should ever shy away from updating their own website.  Our all-inclusive, upfront approach to web design has won us many client accolades.  

There's a reason why The Stone Register has ended up managing over 50% of its clients' official websites.

Additional services

Audiovisual Production

Audiovisual Production

Audiovisual Production


For our most ambitious clients we offer an exclusive, top tier suite of audiovisual services.  We create video content of boundless imagination, including stop motion animation commercials, brand promos, video biographies, and long form individual and brand documentaries.  We've also begun producing client podcasts in earnest, many of which are being carried out as long term, serial online radio shows.  We've also pioneered the exciting, new format: the Video Podcast, which marries sound and a lightly produced visual.  The result is an informative, more immediate experience drawing on the strengths of its two independent media.

We know it's a lot to take in, and it can become quite esoteric, at that, so our creative directors will help determine which approach best suits your needs.  Because this process is done remotely, all you have to do is sit back and await delivery of your fully produced, media-ready videos.  Can this finished product be displayed on the Times Square billboards? You bet it can. 

Internet Services

Audiovisual Production

Audiovisual Production


Everybody knows that TSR has created a groundbreaking approach to web design, particularly with how it's maintained in a cost effective, budget-friendly way.  But simplicity is not necessarily everybody's cup of tea!  In fact, we're always amazed by how quickly new website owners want to venture into the deep end.  

For those who are interested, we offer an advanced suite of website services, such as SEO (Search Engine Optimization), which facilitates better, more focused search engine results for your brand through Google, Yahoo!, and countless others.  We also provide a Web Driver service, which algorithmically channels large volumes of online traffic to specific websites and social media.  This is an effective tool in building a potential audience, establishing a target market, and increasing Internet rankings.  With or without this influx of traffic activity you may want to sort through it, which is why our TSR Stat-Tracker service might be for you.  Using only the best (Google Analytics) we provide customized reports and industry insight based on the web stats of your visitors; age, gender, location, and many more.

All of our upgraded Internet Services play a unique purpose in growing your brand, increasing revenue, fostering your professional legacy, and obtaining a fuller picture of your online standing.

Unique Logos

Audiovisual Production

Unique Logos


The Stone Register has provided many companies and individuals with original logo designs for their businesses, media programs, promotional campaigns, and so much more.  We believe there is a perfect logo for every promotional situation. After all, it's no secret that visual aids and brand recognition yield higher success rates.  A good logo is the first step.

Our logo selection is extensive.  Sourced from literally hundreds of the world's leading logo designers, our marketing experts will help you find the perfect fit for your brand by evaluating as many different design possibilities as it takes.  Every proposed design can be altered and customized to your liking.  All designs are 100% unique to ensure that you will never see anybody else with the same logo.  Your files will be delivered in multiple forms and versions as per your requirements.  Also, you will always retain ownership rights to the design.  This means you can use it anywhere you'd like: business cards, websites, letterhead, and more.  Let The Stone Register find the face of your brand.

Leave No Stone Unturned.