Premium marble & granite creations

Old world craftsmanship meets cutting edge technology.

Precise, exacting standards & flawless execution.

A spare-no-expense approach on our end equals perfection on yours.

Perfection is our specialty.

A Class of Our Own


The Stone Register, America’s premier boutique marketing firm, aims to provide all clients of ours with the most beautiful, attention-grabbing wall plaques and desk pieces in the world. We employ a spare-no-expense approach in order to bring you an award piece befitting of any honor is being celebrated. As a marketing firm we do not "honor" our clients, as such, but we do provide them with a brand new representation of any past accolade to their credit.

The Stone Signature Series is crafted from carefully selected, first rate materials. Assembled with precision, care and a demand for perfection, our pieces naturally become the visual centerpiece of each and every office they grace. As with all of our products and services, The Stone Register aims to provide you with the absolute best awards pieces you've ever encountered.  You will stand out as a paragon of excellent service, style and class. 

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Leave No Stone Unturned.