Premium Advertising & Promotion

Beautiful Billboard Advertising

For qualified members, we offer premium billboard advertising in some of the most bustling, iconic venues; Times Square, New York City, for one. A carefully selected, small handful of our most prestigious VIP members will be granted the option of this brilliant advertising opportunity. Your brand will be displayed larger than life on the face of what is perhaps Manhattan's most recognizable Times Square location

Approximately 400,000 people pass through Times Square on a regular basis. Our professional photography unit will capture the moment your advertisement appears on the building. You may use this iconic image for promotion wherever you are in the world. Rest assured, as a client of The Stone Register you will have friends in high places - quite literally!

By the way: All basic graphic and creative design work is included in our membership contracts free of charge.  

Extensive Media Coverage

Breaking News Report

If your news report meets the standards of our PR Review Board we will dispatch a global press release campaign endorsed by The Stone Register.  Through our industry contacts and partnerships, your story will be picked up by most major news networks:  ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, Business Insider and many more. This includes online and print media, as well as radio and television. Comprehensive reports will allow you to track your progress. It should also be noted that all new members are featured in TSR's monthly newsletter, which is distributed and promoted in a similar mainstream fashion. One way or another, you're getting first class coverage; it's just a matter of 'how much'.

Please note: All press release authoring and editing is included in our membership contracts free of charge.

Gold Standard Services

True Commercial Production

For our most qualified and ambitious clients, we offer an exclusive, top tier suite of services. This includes video advertisements to build or promote your brand. Ranging from live action to stop motion animation, our creative directors will determine what best suits your needs. Because this process is done remotely, all you have to do is sit back and await delivery of your fully produced, television- and internet-ready commercial. Can this finished product be displayed on the Times Square billboards? You bet it can. 

Live “Breaking News” Report

We also offer a live news broadcast, wherein you will become the subject of your own news broadcast. This is a customized, professionally produced "breaking news" segment delivered by a real news anchor in a real news studio. It will stand as a comprehensive overview of your career, or simply a way to advertise your products, services or ideas. 

Advertise On The World’s Top Websites

Additionally, we provide a full range of high profile internet advertising services. We will feature your information prominently on Google, Facebook and LinkedIn (to name a few). A carefully developed and designed advertising campaign will afford you sponsorship opportunities via the true titans of industry, directly on their websites. 

Sponsored content, direct inbox messaging, banner ads: you’ve seen how effective, even essential, these methods are in modern marketing. Let TSR take the reins, so you don’t have to, and we will deal with everything from negotiation, account maintenance, design, ad placement and so forth. Take the “trial & error” out of equation too, by entrusting The Stone Register to do it right the first time. Mistakes are expensive; use our expertise to mitigate this. 

Leave No Stone Unturned.