Marshall Goldsmith "What Got You Here Won't Get You There" "Triggers" "Work is Love Made Visible"

"I give this firm my personal endorsement."

The Stone Register takes client privacy very seriously, and we go to great lengths to uphold it.  But sometimes we are so moved by a client's meaningful words and sentiment that we just have to share it.  Bestselling author & leadership coach, Marshall Goldsmith, has personally endorsed The Stone Register based on his consistently excellent experiences with our firm, and he had some pretty wonderful things to say about us.  Take a look directly above.

The Stone Register provides the best advertising and marketing services in the business world, 2019.

The Best, Or Nothing At All

We only represent clients we believe in.  Following acceptance, you will be privy to a range of special services.  People need exposure in nearly every industry: Business, Finance, Healthcare, Law, Education, Religion, Non-Profit, and so forth.  Our aim is to cultivate productive, lasting relationships via quality products and services delivered quickly, and without compromise.  We promote existing household names, but we also create new ones.  Runners-up need not apply. 

When you enroll as a client of The Stone Register you are working with arguably the best there is.  If you truly believe you can offer us the same bond of quality, consistency and dedication to pushing your brand and yourself to the next level, let's talk today. So, before you apply ask yourself in all honesty:  

‘Is this for me?’

If the answer is yes, please read on. Learn about our simple, but effective commitment to excellence. Understand exactly why a professional alliance with The Stone Register will open up new vistas of success, opportunity and credibility.  See if you have what it takes to become a client of The Stone Register. 


Premium Advertising and Promotion

As a client, you will be privy to an unprecedented combination of business services designed to make you stand out above and beyond the competition.  Why settle for the local newspaper, or a low-traffic website where you'll drown in anonymity?  Thanks to The Stone Register's special connections and contracts we will feature your information prominently in some of the most recognizable and frequented locations in the world: Times Square, ABC, FOX, CBS, NBC, Business Insider, Yahoo! Finance, and countless others.  Our clients' press releases and news articles regularly appear in the mainstream media.  A carefully developed and highly focused advertising campaign will afford you brand recognition and the built-in audience of these industry titans... Tell Me More


Extensive Media Coverage

You know your brand is good.  Chances are, you know it's very good; you just need that extra boost of visibility to place you firmly in the big leagues.  Imagine how much greater your brand would be if today's top media outlets and personalities were promoting you.  As a client of The Stone Register, attaining this status is a given.  And for those companies and individuals who've already attained it, TSR will help you keep it.  We work with promising start-ups, household name brands, and everyone in between.  Also, we pride ourselves on rapid, uncompromising results, because we know how frustrating it can be to sit around waiting.  If you make an important business decision then spend ages waiting for something -- anything -- to happen, that's a sign that you made the wrong decision... Tell Me More

So did you get all of that?  If not, don't worry.  We know that promoting yourself can be a little overwhelming. Just click on the video below for an easy explanation of what we do at The Stone Register.