Leave No Stone Unturned.

We are a New York-based, global marketing firm specializing in high end advertising, business promotions & elite services.*


About Us

The Best, Or Nothing At All

The Stone Register provides the best advertising and marketing services in the business world, 2019.

Our new membership enrollees are determined through a rigorous screening process. We only represent clients we believe in. Following acceptance, you can expect a whole world of unique advertising and promotional possibilities to open up. We work with individuals in most industries: Business, Finance, Healthcare, Law, Education, Religion, Non-Profit, and so forth. Our aim is to cultivate productive, lasting relationships. We promote existing household names, but we also create new ones. Runners-up need not apply. 

When you sign on with The Stone Register you are working with the undisputed best there is. If you truly believe you can offer us the same bond of quality, consistency and dedication, let's talk today. So, before you apply ask yourself in all honesty:  

‘Is this for me?’

If the answer is yes, please read on. Learn about our simple, but effective commitment to excellence. Understand exactly why a membership contract with The Stone Register will open up new vistas of success, opportunity and credibility. See if you have what it takes to become a client of The Stone Register. 

Premium Advertising and Promotion


As a client, you will be privy to an unprecedented combination of business services. These are designed to make you stand out above and beyond the competition with high-traffic billboard advertising. Why settle for the local newspaper or a low-traffic website where you'll drown in anonymity? We will feature your information prominently on Google, Facebook and LinkedIn (to name a few). Our clients' press releases and articles stories regularly appear on major news network websites throughout the country. A carefully developed and highly focused advertising campaign will afford you sponsorship by these titans of industry; directly on their websites. Tell Me More... 


Extensive Media Coverage


Imagine how much greater your brand would be if today's top media outlets and personalities were promoting your services. As a client, you can become the subject of your own news story, or even broadcast. It will stand as a comprehensive overview of your career, or simply a way to advertise your products, services and so forth. Additionally, The Stone Register has become well known for delivering results at a very rapid pace. We know how frustrating it can be to make an important business decision then spend ages waiting for something - anything - to happen. That's why our turnaround time is second to none. Tell Me More...



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