The Original Thomson Reuters Location

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As a matter of privacy, The Stone Register does not feature its clients' information anywhere online. This means our clients will never receive unsolicited contacts as a result of our marketing practices. The businesses and individuals we service trust us with their information. They expect that it will remain as secure as the day they provided it, so we make it our top priority and responsibility to comply with these wishes. Naturally, any client of The Stone Register is free to use their promotional services and products any way they see fit -- but that's their business; not ours. The Stone Register is, at its core, a marketing firm through and through.

Our clients want to be noticed. The pleasure is all ours.

The Stone Register itself routinely advertises using the same services we provide for our clients. This includes exclusive T.S.R. coverage in the Times Square billboard district; both Thomson Reuters and NASDAQ locations.  We are currently in the process of further expanding our signage footprint at home and abroad.


The NASDAQ Tower

Which Campaign Works Best For You?


Depending on scheduling availability and general approval, we pride ourselves on allowing our clients to select whichever billboard type best represents their needs. Some businesses love the Thomson Reuters approach: 11 billboards simultaneously playing their still images, or moving advertisement. 

Other businesses opt for the newly added jewel of our portfolio: Nasdaq MarketSite. Also known as the Nasdaq Tower, its commanding, monolithic presence is a veritable statement of your brand’s success. Regardless of which campaign you prefer, rest assured you and your business will be getting unprecedented, first rate exposure. 

If that's not enough, we've also recently introduced our Four Corners Campaign, where our clients dominate the Times Square location from both key angles: Thomson Reuters and the NASDAQ Tower. The separate advertisements are strategically arranged in various ways, resulting in a Square-wide media blitz.

It's not an easy decision -- we know this -- so our clients feel comfortable letting our special marketing agents take the reins, providing you and your business with a thorough, yet budget-conscious, path to advertising success.

As you can see, The Stone Register routinely runs its own ads at the very same locations where we run yours. The NASDAQ MarketSite offers markedly different presentation from the Thomson Reuters experience. Our team will help you figure out which one is a better fit for you.

Leave No Stone Unturned.