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As a matter of privacy, The Stone Register does not feature its clients' information anywhere online. This means our clients will never receive unsolicited contacts as a result of our marketing practices. The businesses and individuals we service trust us with their information. They expect that it will remain as secure as the day they provided it, so we make it our top priority and responsibility to comply with these wishes. Naturally, any client of The Stone Register is free to use their promotional services and products any way they see fit -- but that's their business; not ours. The Stone Register is, at its core, a marketing firm through and through.

But as always:  Our clients want to be noticed.  So the pleasure is all ours.

The Stone Register itself routinely advertises for itself and its clients through a unique marketing system whereby our clients can gain visibility through us.  This includes exclusive coverage in the Times Square billboard district; both Thomson Reuters and NASDAQ locations.  We are currently in the process of further expanding our signage options at home and abroad.


The NASDAQ Tower

Which Campaign Works Best For You?


Depending on scheduling availability and general approval, we pride ourselves on taking clients along with us on our journey up.  If we feel you'll benefit by being a part of our Thomson Reuters TSR advertisements, then that where you'll end up: 11 billboards simultaneously playing our still images, or moving advertisements. 

We also promote our ads on the Nasdaq MarketSite, the jewel of any Times Square ad portfolio.  Also known as the Nasdaq Tower, its commanding, monolithic presence is a veritable statement of brand success. Regardless of which campaign we decide is right, we always want our clients benefit most. 

Then, of course, there's the Four Corners Campaign, where our ads dominate the Times Square location from both key angles: Thomson Reuters and the Nasdaq Tower.  The separate TSR campaigns are strategically arranged in various ways, resulting in a Square-wide media blitz.  If you're fortunate enough to have your brand displayed as an illustration of our marketing prowess, rest assured you're only one of a few.

Did You Know? Since the late 20th century the tenants in Times Square buildings have been required by law to display eye-catching signs, and, as a result, the area remains a flashing, non-stop feast for the eyes.

Leave No Stone Unturned.