In Practice & Principle

Read what clients of The Stone Register have to say about our services.

We Strive to Serve

The Stone Register was founded and based on the premise that a company or individual should never be relegated to fifth-rate service because of budgetary restrictions.  Growing your brand and/or celebrating your legacy is serious business, and should be treated as such. 

TSR only takes on clients who meet our stringent standards.  No exceptions.  The way way see it:  If we're going to spend hundreds, even thousands of hours promoting something, we want to believe in it too.  We only want to deal with people like us: ambitious, business- and civic-minded, passionate, decent folks.  We make business personal, which means that you'll always be the beneficiary of our deep focus, our customized approach, and the guiding principles which govern The Stone Register.

Read what clients of The Stone Register have to say about our services.

Our Method

We group clients together by industry, product, target audience, and more. This means that when we engage advertising campaigns on behalf of our clients, we can do so in a much more budget conscious way using TSR’s proprietary system. An extraordinary feat like having your advertisement appear in the heart of Times Square suddenly becomes a lot more attainable when the block of ad time is strategically divided by the firm offering it.

We believe that one of the best ways to get ahead independently in business is to align yourself with other, like-minded individuals, in order to utilize every available resource. The basic principle behind networking can also be applied to marketing. In other words:  It's good to know people... and we know people.

What Clients Are Saying

Leave No Stone Unturned.