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“This is excellent, this is just what I wanted.  I found the language of your promo piece to be very attractive.  You were picking up on things that many people were not.  I found that really, really excellent."  

Jefferson, MD (Press Release Service)

“Gentlemen!  You definitely delivered.  I have had a quick look and am looking forward to taking a leisurely browse.  Our instincts were right, we are thrilled to be working with you both.”  

Alberta, Canada (Press Release Service)

"This would not be happening without all the exposure you have given me.  To ask to be a master facilitator for the White Bison is a huge honor [...]  You were right.  It will be bigger than I ever could have dreamed [...] Having the press releases opened the door to Nancy Pelosi's office, and a total of eight  House [reps] and 13 Senators."  

Santa Maria, CA (Times Square Service, Website Design Service, Marble Design Service, Press Release Service)

"I want to thank you for a job well done.  You are doing a nice job for me. I am very happy.  Thank you as always."  

Jackson Heights, NY (Press Release Service, Marble Service, Times Square Service)

“I received the Times Square photos. They are awesome.  I did not realize that they would cover that much space... bigger than I thought!  [...] Received the logo; precious and rather overwhelming.  Good Job!  Wow!  The Times Square release is very impressive and expertly done!  It is comforting for me to see something positive.  I was deeply touched by the opening comments concerning me and my values.  It brought me to tears because of my deep love for children.  The website is precious and I know a lot of work went into it [...]  I found myself in tears [viewing my new education themed website] because of my intense love of children.  It is beautifully done and I hope it will be used by many children and parents.  I am so excited about it, and it's so good [to see it] all coming together.  You all are truly awesome and gifted people to put it all together.  I viewed all of the above and must say it is very impressive [...] You all have done a great job.  I also hope I can live up to your expectations."  

Bristol, TN (Logo Design Service, Times Square Ad Service, Website Design Service, Press Release Service, Complex Branding)

"The plaque came today, it is beautiful.  The best I ever got."  

Melbourne, Australia (Marble Design Service)

"I really am appreciative of reading what you and your team pulled together just from [my] website. I am excited about our partnership. Let's make this happen so I can help more people help themselves upgrade their life and enjoy the gift they wake up to every day! [...] I appreciate your efforts and support in pushing through the final story. I am 100% happy with how things are working and I am learning a lot about how to engage with you and the process as well. I am looking forward to all that we will create together in the coming year!"  British Columbia, Canada (Press Release Service)

"As a young girl who visited the city I would always look at the flat iron board in awe. In all my years of living just across the bridge in New Jersey I never would have thought that one day I would actually appear in Times Square. I have you and your firm to thank for that now."  Honolulu, HI (Times Square Ad)

"I love what these guys are doing!  The Stone Register is an exciting, forward-thinking company occupying a market niche all their own.  Working with S.W. and his team is always a pleasure and the results have been fantastic, which is why I give this firm my personal endorsement.  If increasing your professional visibility is the goal, nobody does it better — or bigger — than The Stone Register!!" 

Rancho Santa Fe, CA (Times Square Ad)

“Wow! Fantastic!  I’m just speechless!  This is wonderful!  Very exciting!”  

Santa Maria, CA (Times Square Service, Website Design Service

"Thank you for all your work.  You have been the soul of professionalism in all our dealings.  If you need a positive 5-star review let me know."  

Kherson, Ukraine (Times Square Ad, Press Release Service, Marble Design Service, Website Design Service)

"Thank you so much!!!  I appreciate all your help!!"  

Houston, TX (Press Release Service

"[Following the press release] I did get a call from Riley Children's Foundation thanking me for including them in the list of sponsorships."  

Jasper, IN (Press Release Service, Website Design Service, Logo Design)

"Overall a very effective presentation."  

Bellevue, WA (Times Square Ad, Press Release Service, Marble Design Service, Bespoke Awards Service, Website Design Service, Logo Design, Complex Branding, Audiovisual Promotions)

"You have always done excellent work for me.  You're the only ones who consistently get me results."  Phoenix, AZ (Times Square Ad, Press Release Service, Marble Design Service, Website Design Service, Logo Design, Complex Branding)

"GREAT!  Also I received the marble wall plaque -- EXCEPTIONAL!  I've put in a work order for our maintenance manager to put the plaque up in my bedroom next to a picture of [my late husband] and under a picture showing his certificate of election.  Many thanks."  

Greenfield, MA (Times Square Ad,  Marble Design Service, Website Design Service)   

"I am so happy to click on and see all the different layouts and stations carrying my article.  Wow!  I love what  you have done!  Thank you so much!"

Austin, TX (Press Release Service)

*Our Client Protection Policy

You will never see The Stone Register's client info appear on this website for two very important reasons: First of all, we believe in a "leave no fingerprints" approach.  In other words, this is your moment.  A marketing & advertising agency should never share the spotlight with its clients; it should fade into the background as much as possible before, during and after the assignments being carried out.  Secondly, we are fiercely devoted to protecting our clients' privacy and well being.  Through a series of unique measures, The Stone Register does its absolute best to keep your name safe from anyone who could misuse it.  The information you authorize us to promote is the only thing people will see, and it will be independent of The Stone Register in all public venues.  Our clients do not want to be solicited by phone, e-mail, or otherwise.  If you are working with The Stone Register, you are protected.  

Please note that once in a while we may decide to feature a testimonial publicly, but only with the client's full approval.

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