How many clients are you willing to let go?

COVID-19 is changing the way we do business all over the world. Your company is still going strong; that's good.  But have you taken the appropriate actions to let everyone know that you're on the right side of this pandemic?  You need a simple, direct statement to publicly reassure your customers and that all is well.

The Stone Register Will Write and Distribute the News Release That Just Might Save Your Business. Don't Waste Another Minute.


Your Clients And Associates Deserve Peace Of Mind

Here's the harsh reality of the matter:  We don't know how long novel coronavirus (COVID-19) is going to last. It could be a month; it could be a year or more. This is why you have to define yourself now (not later) as the rock solid, reliable company your patrons can count on.  No matter what industry you're in, you have people who spend money with you and they want to know everything is normal.  It's your obligation to communicate this in more than just an offhand e-mail. 

The Stone Register is America's preeminent specialty marketing firm, and we want to help your business--and right now that means giving peace of mind. Our news releases are world-acclaimed, so during this time of global pandemic we've decided to use our expertise to help companies of all sizes face COVID-19 head-on.  If you're reading this, odds are you're a leader and a decision maker. Right now your clients and associates need strong leadership and peace of mind more than ever. 

An important message to our T.S.R. Family:

Leave No Stone Unturned.